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6 Reasons To drink More Green Tea :

Drinking green tea contains many assets for our health. This medicinal plant (Camellia Sinensis), consumed for 5000 years in Asia and England since the 17th century, has a wide scientific and historical bibliography. Green tea has been drunk for centuries in the Japanese Peninsula and in China, as a drink and ingredient of Chinese medicine.

6  Reasons To drink  More Green Tea :

Green tea from Japan, green tea from China, Green tea, and its different varieties, is a tasty and comforting drink. As confirmed by many scientific studies, green tea offers preventive health and well-being benefits, especially for those who drink regularly.

1- Powerful Natural Antioxidant :

Green tea contains a powerful nutrient known as epigallocatechin gallate or EGCG.

To make brief, this element of nutrition is the main catechin, a polyphenol (family of organic molecules of the vegetable kingdom) that one finds in the green tea.

Green tea  a powerful  antioxidant : This polyphenol with more than 50% in green tea is a powerful antioxidant: a molecule that reduces or prevents the oxidation of other chemicals, essential for fighting free radicals, and to boost one's health.

 Catechins are the antioxidants of tea which are the subject of the greatest number of studies. Green tea is the one that contains the most. Black tea also contains them, but the processes which it undergo transform a part of the catechins into theaflavins and thearubigines. Moreover, the addition of milk to black tea would reduce the absorption of catechins somewhat. But this would not necessarily harm the overall antioxidant activity of this tea in the body, researchers say.
Other polyphenols. Whether green or black, tea is also considered a source of other polyphenols such as quercetin and kaempferol. These tea compounds, belonging to the family of flavonols, would also have beneficial effects on the prevention of cardiovascular diseases and of cancer.

 2- Good For Diets + To Get Rid Of Belly Fat :

 Green tea allied diets: It specifically targets ventral fat. A research from Tufts University indicates that green tea EGCG, like other catechins, activates genes to burn fat in the abdomen in order to accelerate weight loss by 77%!

3- Maintain  Blood Sugar Balance:

 Green tea fights nibbling: Green tea keeps energy stable by balancing blood sugar levels. The EGCG improves the use of insulin in the body to prevent a rise in blood sugar and accidents that can result in fatigue, irritability and cravings for unhealthy foods (anti snacking).

4- Cancer  Prevention :

 Green tea against cancer? Research shows that it can be useful against lung cancer. In a study published in April 2010 on cancer prevention, EGCG confirmed that it can inhibit the growth of lung cancer cells. However, few clinical studies have examined the link between green tea consumption and lung cancer and the studies that have been done show contradictory results.

A population-based study found that Okinawa tea (Japan), similar to green tea but partially fermented, was associated with a lower risk of lung cancer, especially in women. But a second study found that green tea and black tea increased the risk of lung cancer. Further studies are needed before researchers can draw conclusions about green tea and lung cancer. Green tea should not be used by patients treated with Bortezomib. Still in research, but it also seems that it allows prostate cancer cells to "self-destroy". In March 2010, a cancer study demonstrates that EGCG helps the body by causing prostate cancer cells to "suicide".

Some studies suggest that green tea can protect against cardiovascular disease and certain types of cancer, including prostate cancer. Clinical trials designed to study whether green tea is useful in treating prostate cancer are at an early stage. There is not enough evidence to show whether green tea is effective in treating prostate cancer.

There is insufficient and contradictory evidence to give firm recommendations on green tea consumption for cancer prevention, as reported in a 2009 study ("Green tea (Camellia sinensis) for the prevention of cancer". That the results of the studies should be interpreted with caution and that their generalization is debatable as the majority of the studies included have been carried out in Asia where the potable tea culture is very pronounced.

5 -  Facilitating  Digestion :

Green tea would have an effect on the digestive system. Without being totally convincing against colorectal cancer.
Laboratory experiments and case-control studies have suggested that consumption of green tea provides protection against gastric cancer, but few prospective studies have been carried out.

The consumption of green tea was not associated with a lower risk of colorectal cancer according to a study published in 2005 by the Japan Epidemiological Association. However, its daily consumption as part of a varied and adapted diet, green tea is an ingredient of well-being assured for digestive health.

6 - Lower bad cholesterol:

 Research shows that green tea lowers total cholesterol and increases HDL (good) cholesterol in both animals and humans. A population-based study found that men who drink green tea are more likely to have lower total cholesterol than those who do not drink green tea.

The results of an animal study suggest that polyphenols in green tea can block cholesterol from being absorbed into the intestine and also help the body to get rid of cholesterol. In another small study on male smokers, researchers found that green tea significantly reduced blood levels of bad LDL (bad) cholesterol.

10  Reasons To drink  More Green Tea :

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